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Prayer List Policy

The Vestry recently discussed managing the prayer list and has agreed that the policy will be that all names are welcome on the prayer list and will remain on the list for three months.  At the end of three months, the person requesting that name on the prayer list is responsible for renewing the request to extend the time for the next three months.  We will try to publish a list of those nearing the end of the three-month period quarterly.  If not notified to continue, the name will be rotated off.

Further, when a person is taken off the list because they have been healed, they will be put on the “Thanksgiving for healing” list, which will be part of the prayers of the people for the following month. Similarly, we will add a section to the prayer list for “Those who have recently died” for the following month.

To add a person to any part of the prayer list or to remove someone, please contact Herb Elliott, at