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Rev. Will Bergmann, who resides in Ayer, will serve as our Bridge Priest starting on Sunday, Sept. 10. He will be our supply Priest several times this summer, including May 14th. When he starts as our Bridge Priest, Rev. Bergmann will lead worship services twice a month in Westford and twice a month at our collaborative partner, Trinity Chapel in Shirley, alternating Sundays. (As usual, fifth Sundays will be morning prayer.) In addition, he will be available for pastoral care a few hours a week. Typically a Bridge Priest serves for six months as a parish completes an abbreviated discernment process to call a Priest in Charge (PIC). The discernment process will involve surveys, discussions, and the creation of an abbreviated Parish Profile. In addition, we will be working with the diocese and Trinity Chapel on the nature of our collaboration going forward. Using this information, hopefully, by the beginning of 2024, the Diocese will present us with a candidate for a Priest in Charge. We then decide whether this candidate is right for St. Mark’s.