Q. How big is the box, what does it contain, and how much does is cost?

A. The box is 8"x8"x4" inches and includes a variety of chocolate desserts, including cupcakes, candies, and other chocolate treats. Not all boxes will contain the same items, but your sugar cravings will be thoroughly satisfied. Boxes are $24 each, with a portion of the money going to local hunger relief organizations.

Q. Once I order my box online, how do I pay for it, and how do I pick it up?

A. Place your order and pay online and then come to St. Mark's to pick up your box (or boxes).  

Q. Can I order a box in person that day?

A. Yes, if any are available. We've sold out in previous years.

Q. What happens if I can't come pick up the box? 

A. You must be able to pick up the box that day, although you can designate someone else to pick it up for you. Or, you can donate your box to a first reponder--volunteers will deliver the boxes to the Westford Fire Department after the event. 

Q. I have a nut allergy. Will there be nut-free options?

A. No, we can't guarantee our parishioners will be able to safely make nut-free desserts.

Q. What food pantries will benefit?

A. We will donate a portion of the proceeds to the Westford Food Pantry, Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry, and St. Paul's Soup Kitchen.

Q. What are the raffle prizes?

A. Visit this page for an updated list of prizes.

Q. I don't want to buy a box of chocolate or raffle tickets. How can I just donate money?

A. Go here and look for the Chocolate Festival dropdown box: https://www.st-mark.org/give#