Questions & Answers
On the Next Steps in the Transition Process

Over the next few months, St. Mark’s will be creating a parish profile to share with Diocesan leadership as they help us find a new part-time Priest in Charge. 

Read a few frequently asked questions below.

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What other mechanisms are available to provide feedback?

The parish-wide online survey being sent in mid-November will ask questions about our community’s strengths and weaknesses, our values, and how you see us moving forward. You can also give your thoughts to any Vestry member.

How does our collaboration with Trinity Chapel fit into this process?

Trinity is also writing a profile, and the results will be compared to ours to see where there’s overlap and where there are differences. As part of her guidance, Helen will also be asking questions about how the collaboration is progressing—what’s working and what is not, how the collaboration can improve, and the expectations of each parish.

What happens next?

A subcommittee of the Vestry will use the data and comments collected through this process to write a parish profile. The goal is to have this profile to Rev. Martha Hubbard by the end of 2024. The Diocese will then post a job description on its website and invite candidates to apply. Diocesan leadership will screen candidates for the correct fit and will present one option to the Vestry to approve or not. This is a confidential process, so other members of the parish will not be allowed to meet the candidate at this time. If both Vestries agree this is the right candidate, a three-year Priest-in-Charge contract will be offered.