Rent St. Mark's for your Business, Events and Weddings
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St. Mark's Episcopal Church is pleased to offer our sanctuary, and Williams Hall for local business owners, corporations, and community members to hold their worship services, weddings, group meetings, music classes, and more. 


We have the perfect venue for you! Delight your guests with a magical ceremony in our beautiful sanctuary. 


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Contact Information
Call +1 978.692.7849 or email for more information, pricing, and available dates.

Rental Options


St. Mark's Sanctuary 

  • Weddings
  • Worship Services
  • Worship Rehearsals


St. Mark's Williams Hall

Williams Hall, is a 32’x48’ function hall with a vaulted wood ceiling, wood floor, plentiful window light, and a separately available commercial kitchen. The room is rated for up to 219 people and can seat up to 102 at 6’ round tables – or provide plenty of space for yoga mats. Additional rental spaces available include a wood-trimmed, carpeted library with a conference table and chairs for a club or board meeting; a choir room with a piano and chairs handy for any music teacher; and a spacious Children’s room with vinyl tiling and a corner sink, perfect for arts and crafts.

  • Music Classes
  • Art Classes
  • Dance Classes 
  • Community Movie Night 
  • Seminars 
  • Community Meetings 


St. Mark's Meeting Room 

  • Scout Meetings
  • Community Meetings
  • Tutoring 
  • Business Working Space
  • Presentations 


Rent St. Mark's Pricing - Westford, MA



St. Mark's | Approved v1 2022 Rental Brochure

St. Mark's | Approved v1 2022 Rental Brochure

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"I have been renting the library at St Mark's for the past 15 years to teach private music lessons. The place is perfect. The room is spacious and warm during winter, always clean and welcoming. It has been helpful to rent the sanctuary for our concerts and small ensemble rehearsals. Throughout the years, I grew my program and started a Chamber Music Program with several concerts throughout the year. For the past summers, we even had Summer Music Program. During one of the hot days, we even had a small presentation at the back of the church. Everyone has been incredibly supportive and understanding during the COVID pandemic. These were hard times, and I am glad we can resume our activities back in person.I love the space. It is calm and peaceful." ~ D. Petkov


"I have been renting the church youth room for over 12 years for my weekly dance classes and sometimes for dance programs, and rehearsals. Last summer it was quite memorable as we rented the Williams hall for a fund raiser production that we video recorded over two Saturdays. Right from the get go, I went to Suzanne with my request and she welcomed us with open arms and made sure we got everything we needed. It was with 55 dancers, a few actors and a 2 hour show that brought in over 100,000$ for the non- profit called Vision-Aid. What I like and appreciate with the facility is the openness with which everyone works, Irina is extremely helpful with getting all the details down although she only works part-time. The hall is spacious, well lit, bathrooms are clean, and the ambiance is amazing once we walk in. The youth room is just enough for a class of 4-6 children and has a working sink for art classes and such. The kitchen is roomy with prep and clean wash sinks. All appliances are new and in great condition, although I don’t use the kitchen. I hope people make use of this wonderful facility right in our neighborhood." ~ J. Ghatraju

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