What We Believe

Episcopalians are united in our common worship and longing for God, rather than by sharing a particular
understanding of God’s will or adhering to an established set of doctrines. While we do embrace the
historic creeds of the faith, such as the Nicene Creed, you will find a variety of understandings of those
creeds among the faithful. We are people who welcome questions, and consider doubt a sign of a desire
to know God better, not evidence of weak faith.

We are lovers of tradition and find roots and strength in the ancient spiritual practices of the Church.
We experience God in the seven sacraments of the church, including Baptism and Holy Communion, and
our worship reflects that sacramental orientation.

We also believe that God is present and active in the world today, and our worship is intended to
strengthen us to be Christ’s hands and feet in the world. Sermons help us understand what the Bible has
to say to us today, prayer gives us peace and stillness to hear God’s voice, and Holy Communion unites
us to God and to one another. Then we are sent out into the world, where we seek to follow Jesus
through service to others and in the way we live and work. Together, we seek to obey Christ’s command
to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, clothe the naked, and visit the sick and imprisoned. We
strive to obey the words of the prophet Micah, to love kindness, do justice, and walk humbly with God.

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Visiting a Sunday Service

We would love to have you join us for a Sunday Service. Our normal Sunday Service begins at 10 a.m.
and usually concludes by 11:30 a.m. We welcome you to join us after the service for coffee hour in
Williams Hall for fellowship, coffee and delicious food prepared by parishioners.

Children are enthusiastically welcome to join parents or guardians at the service. We know that babies
and young children don’t have volume control and often enjoy singing along with the choir and talking
back to the priest, and we joyfully embrace all these expressions of participation. If, however, you need
a chance to pray in peace, we offer nursery care for children up to 3 years old, and Christian Education
classes for older children. Children participate in Sunday School classes during the beginning of the 
service and join their parents or guardians in the main church at the Sign of Peace.

If you are visiting our church and would like to use the nursery services, or your child would like to try
out a Sunday School class, please talk to an usher as you enter church and the usher will direct you to
the right place. Classes are taught by volunteers using a written curriculum (and lots of fun crafts and
games) and take place in the classrooms near Williams Hall or the library depending on the age of the
child. No prior knowledge or experience in Sunday School is required! The nursery is located next to
Williams Hall and is staffed by volunteers, usually a parish teenager with adult supervision. 


We are always happy to welcome a child into the family of God. If you are not already a parishioner, we
look forward to the opportunity to get to know you and your family. The process begins with a meeting
between you and the priest to discuss what baptism means in the Episcopal Church, a possible date for
the baptism and the selection of godparents, among other important items. At a second meeting, we
will walk through the baptism itself so you are familiar with the service on the big day. Including the
godparents in this meeting would be ideal.

There are several traditional days for baptisms in the Episcopal Church, including the Feast of All Saints,
the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus, Easter Vigil (the Saturday before Easter), and Pentecost. When it
works out that we can baptize a child on one of these dates, it’s always a special celebration. However,
when one of these dates isn’t convenient, we are happy to schedule the baptism on another Sunday.
All baptisms are celebrated during the 10 a.m. Sunday service, when the entire community is gathered
to welcome your child into the family of God. Although we do not usually perform private baptisms at
St. Mark’s, on most dates your child would be the only one baptized.
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Weddings at St. Mark’s

Congratulations on your engagement! The members of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church rejoice with you as
you anticipate your wedding day. We welcome your interest in our facilities and hope to answer many
of your questions on this page. You don’t have to be a member of St. Mark’s to use the church for your
ceremony or Williams Hall for your reception.

The church

You can rent the church facilities and use your own clergy or justice of the peace with permission of the
rector. Or, you can request that our clergy officiate at the ceremony.
If our clergy will be officiating, you will be required to attend four to six meetings before the wedding for
pre-marital counseling and planning. In addition, a meeting with the organist is required to select organ
or other instrumental music, soloist and/or hymns.

Wedding party representatives are to clear and confirm all ceremony arrangements with the officiating
minister before finalizing plans, dates, times, rehearsals, pre-marital counseling, remarriage
requirements, music, deliveries, parking, special arrangements or permits.
Wedding parties are responsible for flowers in the church. All flower arrangements and/or decorations
for the church are under the direction of the Altar Guild with the assistance of an outside designer, if

For health and safety reasons, no runner—cloth or paper—may be used in the church. Bird seed may be
used to wish the wedding party well if used outside the church building. Photography and videography 
will be limited to non-flash type, taken from the back of the church only
during the service. The wedding is a worship service in which we ask God’s blessing on the marriage.
Flashes and roving camera people can disrupt the service, so we respectfully ask for your cooperation.
Photographers are welcome to take formal shots in the church after the service.

Rental Fees

Members of the Congregation
Sanctuary use, $100
Minister, including pre-marital counseling,$200
Organist, basic fee $200
Non-members of the Congregation
Sanctuary use $300
Minister, including pre-marital counseling $300
Organist, basic fee $250

Request Visit

Sometimes, for various reasons, it can be hard to physically get to church for services. Our rector or
trained lay ministers can make house calls to homebound parishioners or out-of-town guests to offer
Communion and/or share fellowship. Email the church office if you would like to request a visit.