Adult Learning

Wednesday Bible Study 

Members gather on Wednesdays in the library to study the Bible and reflect on their own experience of God in their lives. Rev. Suzanne leads the group in a greater understanding of scripture. We are a sharing, supportive, and caring group and encourage others to join us at 10 a.m. in the church library. We are currently beginning a year-long study based on "The Story: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People." We break in time for the 11:30 a.m. Midday Prayer service.

Friday Morning Bible Study

All are welcome to join a breakfast Bible Study group that will meet every other Friday morning at the Westford Regency at 8 AM.  This group is open to men and women.  The format will be to read and reflect on the lessons for the coming Sunday.The first meeting will be on October 20.  If you would like further information or if you would like to be on the email announcement list and receive announcements of meetings along with a copy of the readings, please contact Herb Elliott 978-692-4959 or  

2017 Current Programs

God’s Story, Our Story

As people of the Bible, we share a wealth of stories and traditions that have helped connect us for thousands of years. As Christians in a

rapidly changing world, however, it's easy for us to lose hold of the importance of these stories. As Rev. Suzanne prepares for her sabbatical, when she will explore contemporary tellings of Biblical stories, we have decided to join her in reclaiming these stories and the values they hold as a church family.

Together we will look at the ancient stories, understand their historical context, glean their important truths, and learn from each other. Our

program is meant to encourage individuals to grow into a greater of understanding of the Bible and the traditions that have been

passed down to us. We will be using a variety of tools, such as books, art, movies, guest speakers and group discussions to teach and

inspire. By looking at these stories with different media, we hope to create an atmosphere that encourages those with limited knowledge of

the stories to learn more without feeling intimidated, while also helping those with more in-depth knowledge to delve deeper into the

meaning of story and what it means to their own faith.

Oct 22-Nov. 19: Moses
Moses is a pivotal figure of the Old Testament: prince, murderer, refugee, hero, lawgiver, and confidant of God, chosen by God to lead God’s people from slavery to the Promised Land. Filled with drama, triumph, and very human moments of failure, Moses’ story continues to resonate and inspire into the present day.  Join us as we explore the Biblical narrative and the ways the stories have inspired artists, authors, and filmmakers for centuries. 

Oct. 22: All Parish Retreat

We’ll explore the stories of Moses through study, art, improvisational theater, and play. 

Beginning Oct. 29: Moses Library 

Many writers and filmmakers have been inspired by the stories of Moses. Borrow a movie or book from selection of books and videos in the narthex (the entryway to the church) and enjoy one artist’s way of telling the story. We’ll gather for a discussion about these various retellings after worship on Nov. 19. The Moses Library is made possible by the Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Program Grant. 

Oct. 29: Sermon: Remembering Moses. 

Our final lectionary reading from the life of Moses will be the occasion for reflection on what Moses means for Christians.

Nov. 5: Walking through the Moses story. 

Join us at coffee hour or lunch or take a break from Grubby Sunday cleanup to explore the stories of Moses through hands on play for all ages! Judie Hilton is adapting her Sunday School obstacle course for an all-ages walking tour of the high points of Moses’s life. 

Nov. 12: 1 p.m. Community Class: The Story Behind the Art: Moses. 

The stories of Moses, from the babe in the basket to the Burning Bush to the escape from Egypt, has inspired artists for centuries. We’ll take a look at some famous paintings and explain the stories that inspired them, with the intention of appreciating the artists’ work more deeply.  This class will be structured for the enjoyment of non-religious art lovers as well as those who are active in a faith tradition. 

Nov. 19: Blessing of Travelers — We’ve spent the last fall hearings the stories of the Israelites journey through from Egypt through the wilderness to the promised land. On this Sunday before Thanksgiving, we’ll offer special prayers and blessings for those about to embark on their own journeys to be with family and friends for the holiday. 

Moses in Film and Literature, after-worship discussion. After two months of Moses stories in the lectionary and a month of encouragement to encounter Moses in film and literature, we’ll get together after coffee hour to talk about what we like about these stories, what  troubles us about them, and what they might mean for us today. 

Nov. 26 1 p.m. Israel in Egypt

St. Mark's Eric Kintner will present George Frederic Handel’s masterwork “Israel in Egypt.” This biblical oratorio is composed of passages from the Old Testament, especially Exodus and the Psalms, and premiered in 1739 in London. The presentation will offer an opportunity to listen to the piece and consider the passages it highlights. 

This class offers an introduction to Handel's biblical oratorios prior to a Dec. 3 lecture and trip to the Handel & Haydn Society's performance of "Messiah," as part of our Advent & Christmas "God's Story, Our Story" series! Tickets will go on sale in early November. 

The God's Story, Our Story program is made possible through a grant from the Lilly Endowment Clergy Renewal Program.